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System Upgrades

Natcom Ireland Ltd. provides clients with a comprehensive range of professional system upgrade services.
During large scale residential or commercial property renovations, our team can replace obsolete systems with contemporary alternatives that are better suited to the evolving needs of the property. From contemporary access control systems to modern intercoms, we ensure businesses and organisations have the very latest, most suitable intercom systems installed in their properties.

Our team of expert installers have experience updating systems in large multi-resident properties, industrial properties and in gated properties and gated communities.

The Advantages of System Upgrades

Modern intercoms and access control systems are fully backwards compatible with mobile technology. This allows access control to be handled remotely, streamlining access to a building or parts of a building.

Ease of Use
With the advent of superior touch screen technology and high quality streaming video and audio, modern intercoms and access control systems offer client’s an easy to use a product that also offers superior audio and video quality.

Ease of Installation
Natcom Ireland Ltd.’s highly professional team can quickly and effectively upgrade your access control or intercom system while minimising disruption to the day to day running of the property. All our upgrades come with competitive maintenance packages.

For more information on the advantages of system upgrades, get in contact with Natcom Ireland Ltd. today.