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Door Stations

Also referred to as door entry panels we at Natcom provide you with a wide choice of models and installation types for analogue and digital systems.

Versatile and beautifully designed the range available exclusively in Ireland from Urmet Domus through Natcom are presented here.

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The form of tradition, the power of innovation. Exigo brass plate panels: customisable, corrosion-proof, rust-proof.

K-steel is the armoured, vandal resistant, waterproof entry panel, IP 45 class, with a bold design.

The mikra

Simple installation and excellent quality-price ratio make this entry panel extremely competitive.

The new Sinthesi panel offers unbeatable flexibility and is DDA compatible

The all modular entry panel which can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

The Smyle

Dimesnions for all units.

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