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OmGate: The most advanced control and management application for your gate system

How Does it Work

OmGate system installation is fast, simple and pain-free. An authorized technician installs the OmGate device on your gate without any need for complex infrastructure.

All you have to do is download the app. As you approach the gate an alert pops up on your phone. One quick tap on the alert and the gate opens.

The app works even when you're on a call. Using the phone's navigation apps won't interfere either.

Add and manage authorized users, allowing them to easily and conveniently open the gate via the app.

Manage up to 20 different gates from your phone - home, office and more.


  • How can I download the OmGate app?
  • The app is free and available for both iPhone and Android phones. Download links are found at the bottom of the OmGate homepage. Click the icon relevant for your phone.
  • I downloaded the app but I can't get permission to open the gate. What is the problem?
  • Each gate is managed by an Admin, so only users that received an invitation (via SMS with authorization link) are able to open the gate. Check who the gate Admin is and request user permissions for your phone. If you already have permissions and the gate doesn't open, verify that your phone's Bluetooth is enabled and you are within range of the gate.
  • How many gates can be managed by the app on one phone?
  • The OmGate app can manage up to 20 different gates.
  • I have two gates in close proximity to each other. How can I tell the difference between the two and can the system support such a situation?
  • The system fully supports gates that are located close to one other. You can give every gate a different name to help distinguish them. Consult the FAQ below to learn how.
  • How do you change the gate name or remove it from the app?
  • Tap the Settings icon in the screen of the relevant gate. From there you can choose to either rename the gate or remove it from the app.
  • How do I add or change an Admin for managing authorized users?
  • Only the OmGate installer or the main Admin defined during the initial installation are allowed to add authorized users for each gate. The Admin is also able to add additional managers to a gate.
  • How do I cancel the alerts received when approaching a gate?
  • You can cancel these alerts via the app Settings page or the phone's notifications center.
  • How can I add more gates?
  • Additional gates are usually added to the app by invitation from the user managing the gate (invitation is sent via SMS with an authorization link). If you want to add another gate, where you also have Admin status, simply tap "Add new gate" and follow the instructions in the app.
  • Can automatic open be defined?
  • Yes, in the application settings.

Technical Details

  • Compatible with every gate based on an electrical connection and wireless control. For example, garage doors, security gates, barrier gates, and so on.
  • Installation is carried out by a qualified electrical gate technician
  • Control of the gate is performed using the free iOS/Android application

Compatible with most Android-supported phones from 2013 and later, and with Android 4.4 and higher.

iOS Support: Compatible with iPhone model 4S and higher, and iOS 7 and up.


Download Omgate pdf here pdf

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