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Q. I need an intercom at the door and two phones in the house.  Is it possible to have intercom between the two phones also?

A. Yes, we have systems that are door to phone intercoms only, phone-to-phone intercom only, or a mixture of both.


Q. I have a PABX Telephone system in my house with telephone sets in most rooms.  Is it possible to put an intercom at the door that I can answer with my telephones?

A. Yes, we have a number of options that can allow direct connection of the door intercom unit into a telephone system or even onto a normal telephone.


Q. I have an office, which has many entrances including main entrance gate, staff entrance doors, delivery areas and customer entrances.  I would like intercoms on these doors calling a reception area and also some way of limiting movement of staff in the building between different areas?

A. We can offer an intercom system with any number of entrances that can all call the reception or other answering points.  The intercom system can be a mixture of voice only or video and voice.  Keypads or proximity fob readers can be built-in to the intercom door units and also independently on their own at doors where there is no intercom so that staff movement can be controlled.


Q. I have an Urmet door system; can I have an extra phone in the kitchen?

A. Yes, you can have up to four phones on standard analogue kits.


Q. We would like to have an integrated intercom and keypad at our driveway gate to open two separate gates?

A. Yes, you can have either audio or audio and video panel with built-in keypad.  Our keypads have facilities to open two gates, driveway and pedestrian.


Q. Can we have Audio handsets added to our Urmet video system?

A.   Yes, on most video systems using CAT 5 or coaxial cable we can supply you with additional handsets to work with your system.


Q. I don’t understand the difference between digital and analogue intercom systems?

A. Usually digital systems are used in the larger residential developments.  You will generally know by the call panels at main entrances.  Digital systems use a keypad with pre-programmed numbers.  Analogue panels have individual call buttons and are usually much bigger panels.


Q. My mother is getting on in years and we don’t like her to answer to door at night.  What do you suggest?

A. We can supply a video intercom system, which will allow her see who is calling before she answers.  Our systems are available in Black & White or Colour.  The users who find handsets difficult, we have hands free units.            

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