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Apartment Stations

Also referred to as reception panels or door phones we at Natcom provide you with a wide choice of models and installation types for analogue and digital systems.

The Urmet apartment unit range is the most complete and flexible on the market, offering a wide variety of door phone styles and monitors, all compatible with analogue and digital systems.

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The new hands-free video door phone is available in two colours, black and white, for all market needs.

The new Urmet b/w video door phone with 4.5” display.

Designed by Michele De Lucchi: the door phone stands out for its ergonomic, delicate and curvy lines.

The most important features of the Atlantico Video Door Phone are compact size, ergonomic grip handset and easy installation.

The hands-free video door phone is a monitor where technology and design meet.

The new Urmet hands-free video door phone provided with OSD 4” colour display for perfect viewing from all angles.

Plenty of room for pictures with Modo. With a 7" colour display combined with the possibility of cyclically selecting the cameras to which the IPervoice can be connected, this monitor guarantees effective monitoring of all areas under video surveillance.

Nexo represents the apex of technology evolution in the field of video door phone systems with coaxial system. A 7'' colour TFT monitor, hands-free audio and a simple interface make for a tool that is easy to use and beautiful to look at.

The audio and video door phones are the smallest their kind on the market: it is very compact and is only 5 cm thick.

Utopia is an outstanding monitor, boasting a great care for details both in design and functions.

The door phone designed by Giugiaro is a classic product for use in traditional door phone systems only with call to buzzer.

Dimensions for all units.

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