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2T GSM Intercom

  • Remote Control of Security Gates.
  • No wires from the house to the gate.
  • No need for key fobs just use your mobile.
  • Simple to set-up by sending short text messages from any mobile.
  • IP65 waterproof enclosure.
  • Answer the Gate Intercom from any phone in the house.
  • Excellent Audio Quality.
  • Wireless intercom communication with any landline or mobile.
  • Remote communication from the intercom when the home owner is away from the house.
  • Controlled access to the gardener, Oil refill truck, plumber... when home-owner away from home.
  • Set the gate permanently open if required by caller. Sends a warning if the gate is left open,
  • Remotely determine whether the gate is open or closed.
  • Bill Pay or Pre Pay options.
  • Receive a warning if credit is running low.
  • Includes pre-configured O2 SIM with 10 Euro credit

Natcom Ireland Ltd

Natcom Ireland Limited || Kenilworth House, Kenilworth Road, Dublin 6, Ireland

PSA Licence 05036

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